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"Claudius Maximus rallies his soldiers after they defeated rebellious tribesman in St Agnes on the North Coast of Cornwall"



Bring history to life with a Roman Legionary in your classroom complete with weaponry and armour.

He will lead your class through a day in the life of an Exeter Roman Legionary!

Especially suitable for Years 3 & 4 pupils!


"I took one look at your Roman armour and I thought... WOW!"


"It was a really good day. I learnt a lot more about the Romans" 


"I enjoyed the marching a lot. I'm still counting: Sin, Dec, Sin, Dec!" 
- Toni


"As usual, we always look forward to these events" 
History Co-ordinator, Ladysmith First School


TELL me and I will forget — SHOW me and I will remember — INVOLVE me and I will understand!



Learn about

  • Placing Romans on a timeline
  • The structure of a Roman army
  • Weaponry, the Guard and army discipline
  • Roman Exeter through the eyes of a legionary



  • His Roman Discipline
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Dramatic kit & equipment demonstrations
  • A battle between the Romans and Ancient Britons



  • Especially suitable for YEAR 3 pupils (but can cater for any age)
  • Ideal stimulus for a wide range of literacy work
  • Can differentiate activities according to pupil's needs
  • Minimum group size 8, maximum 90

Find out how to contact us here
or telephone 07866 60 50 35


This came as a result of one of Peter's "soldiers" in Falmouth last week getting in touch with Chris Evans.